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NCSOFT Announces Beluga Lagoon Update For Blade & Soul
In NCSOFT’s free to play MMORPG, Blade &Soul, you can choose one of four unique races and use the detailed character customization tools to shape your persona any way you wish. You will explore a ...
The Desolate Tomb Dungeon Hits Blade & Soul
Before the toughest Desolate Tomb dungeon arrives in Blade&Soul on August 24, the site gives a preview of the update alongside the official patch notes. There will be a new high end dungeon, a new Whirlwind...
Blade And Soul Update shadow of the innocent comes today Patch No...
NCSoft today plays with shadow of the innocent the next update to the live servers of Blade & Soul. Also present: new group challenges for four to 24 players and the event "seeds of growth".Not on...
Blade And Soul Server down-patch Shadow of the innocent is now on...
Blade & Soul , colorful kung fu Anime MMORPG, now gets the next big patch. With " Shadow of the innocents " continues the story, there is a new event and new dungeons and instances are waiting for...

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Blade And Soul Gold

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